Centre for Musculoskeletal Medicine

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Physiotherapy Treatment in Melbourne

The pain injuries cause can be excruciating and hinder your lifestyle. The Centre for Musculoskeletal Medicine combines a unique mix of health care disciplines in their physiotherapy treatments. Based in South Melbourne, our reputation is built upon accurate diagnosis and effective, gentle and affordable treatment. We are here for you. We are one of the leading clinics in Melbourne in the fields of pain management and musculoskeletal injury and you can be assured that we will provide you with excellence in health care.

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When you may need physio

Many people tend to underestimate the effect your posture and movement can have on your body. Something as simple as sitting at your desk incorrectly can lead to injury, which is why many workplaces emphasise safe ergonomic seating. Risk of injury can be even higher when working in a warehouse or factory environment, where heavy lifting and vigorous movements are common actions done by employees that could detrimental if performed incorrectly.

If such an injury were to occur, it’s recommended that you seek physiotherapy treatment as soon as possible to start your recovery. You could even come around to our clinic right after work if you work near Middle Park or Albert Park.

Common situations where injuries occur

  • Playing sports
  • Workplace accidents
  • Vehicle accidents

Why Clinical Pilates is such an effective exercise in your treatment

There is a lot of buzz about doing certain exercise classes for your fitness and health, and with good reason. Clinical Pilates is one such treatment we provide at The Centre for Musculoskeletal Medicine that will help restrengthen your injured muscles. It is a vital part of your physio program that will get you back into action.

The advantage of undergoing physiotherapy around Albert Park

Our South Melbourne office is, as the name suggests, just south of our wonderful city of Melbourne and surrounded by suburbs such as Albert Park, St Kilda, Port Melbourne and Middle Park. If you live nearby our physios will help you with your discomfort.

How to get to our clinic

Our office is situated on the corner of Albert Road and Clarendon Street in South Melbourne. If you would like more information about our physio facilities and clinical Pilates solutions, then feel free to contact us at (03) 9699 2499 or info@centreformusculoskeletalmed.com.au.